Floating Whopper Plopper For Bass

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  • Color:#1-7
  • Specifications:65mm/9g,80mm/11g
  • Material: plastic.
  • Quantity:5/set
  • Diving:0.5m-2m
  • The 3D simulated fisheye is more penetrating in refracting light and more provocative to the target fish.
  • Laser coating will show different colors at different angles in the sun, which will attract the attention of fish in the water, cause the attack of fish, and greatly improve the fish-catching rate.
  • When the bait is dragged, the tail rotates at high speed to generate a large amount of water spray, which is easier to attract the attention of predators in the middle and upper layers and improves the bite rate.

Usually whopper plopper used to catch just about most gamefish (eg. maskinonge (musky muskie muskellunge), pike, river smallmouth, peacock bass, musky, bluegill and shad).

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How do you attract musky muskie muskellunge?

It is best to fish the drop-offs and open water adjacent to musky spawning sites. The baits commonly used at this time of the year are swimbaits, crankbaits, soft plastics, and vertical jigs.

What do bass fishing eat?

Insects, crayfish, frogs, lizards, snakes, other fish and even baby birds end up on the dinner menu. Bass will even eat each other. The name of the game is survival, and if a bass has to eat another bass in order to live, he won't think twice about it.

How do you fish a shad?

To catch larger, heavier shad you'll need to individually attract them with the right bait and lures. Switch them out to experiment with what works well with the fish in your area. Flies in white or yellow with red heads are popular. Beads should be used in the colder water to entice and attract the deeper shad.

How do you tell the difference between a male and female smallmouth bass?

Male and female bass look almost completely identical, with size being the differing factor to observe. Female bass are larger than male bass the same age and females tend to live longer than males. Bass grow continually; the larger the fish, the older it usually is.

Do Bluegills bite in the rain?

Of course they will bite in the rain!

More Information
Fish Species Bass, Striped Bass, Pike, Smallmouth Bass, Bluegill, Smallmouth, Redfish, Peacock Bass, Musky, River Smallmouth
Fishing Type Freshwater, Saltwater
Baits Material Rubber/Epoxy
Baits Shape Fish
Sales Option For Sale
Season Spring, Summer, Fall/Autumn
Water Levels Topwather
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