Metal Deep Diving Blade Baits

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  • Colors:#1-9
  • Specifications:32mm/3g,38mm/5g,44mm/7g,5cm/10g
  • Material: metal.
  • Quantity:2/set
  • The 3D simulated fisheye is more penetrating in refracting light and more provocative to the target fish.
  • The center of gravity is thrown forward, and the distance is long. Streamlined modeling is used for full swimming layer fishing.
  • S-type swimming posture highly simulates the shape of real fish, improves the bite rate and does not empty every mouth opening attack.

Best for yellow belly/yellowbelly, bass, smallmouth, winter bass, stocked trout, lake trout, sea trout, walleye and smallmouth bass.

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How deep do blade baits go?

Let the lure fall to the bottom where you work it with a series of pops and drops in water as deep as 35 to 45 feet. Keep a tight line as the lure falls to prevent it from bumping into the line and tangling during the descent.

How does a blade bait work?

A blade bait does its vibration as it rises and falls. Sometimes it can trigger fish that shied away from the spoon, and it can give you another vertical option in deep cold water. Try to avoid light pops on slack line as the bait will have a tendency to turn on its side and grab you're line.

How do you target a yellow belly?

Angling the boat at a 45 degree angle and casting in at the shore with lipless crank baits, divers, spinnerbaits and blades is a well known method into targeting yellowbelly, working the shoreline with a slight breeze has also proven to produce greater success with the fish pushing over towards the bank following the .

Do bass eat birds?

First: yes, northern pike, largemouth bass and other large, predatory fish really do eat the occasional duckling. ... Many predator fish species are opportunists. A fish like a northern pike preys primarily on other fish and crayfish.

Can you catch smallmouth at night?

Some nights, smallmouth bass want no part of topwater baits. Other nights, you cannot keep it away from them. The key to topwater fishing at night is to select a lure, which is fished effectively with a slow constant retrieve. Erratic retrieves at night translate to missing fish.

What do winter bass eat?

Sometimes there are long stretches where the winter temperature is right for feeding. When the temps are ripe for eating, largemouth bass prefer fish, crayfish and frogs. Younger bass feed on crust crustaceans, insects, and small fish.

Can stocked trout reproduce?

Yes, if the conditions are right, they can reproduce and spawn over seasons. ... When all of these conditions are right, and the water temperature and other factors are perfect, stocked trout will reproduce, and keep spawning every year.

Can you jig for lake trout?

Lake trout go for light lures in general, and jigs are no exception. Try a spoon jig, also known as a wobbler. You can also try attaching lake trout's favorite meal -- a live minnow -- to the jig. Remember, the jig's motion is what attracts the trout.

More Information
Fish Species Bass, Walleye, Smallmouth Bass, Lake Trout, Sea Trout, Stocked Trout, Yellow Belly/Yellowbelly, Winter Bass
Fishing Type Freshwater, Saltwater
Baits Material Rubber/Epoxy
Baits Shape Fish
Sales Option For Sale
Season Spring, Summer, Fall/Autumn
Water Levels Topwather
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