Soft Plastic Shrimp Lures For Saltwater

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  • Color:#1-7
  • Length: shrimp is 8cm long, and connector is about 9.5cm long
  • Specifications:80mm/5g
  • Sharp hook point, strong penetration, quick and difficult unhooking
  • Shrimp's soft body, good taste, high swimming posture, swaying agility and high simulation are the primary targets of predators' attacks
  • Simulate the backward swimming posture of real shrimp, and quickly lure fish to hunt and hunt
  • Three-dimensional, the target fish will not find anything unusual after the attack fails, and continue to attack, greatly increasing the bait rate.

Usually good used to catch just about most gamefish (eg. humpback(pink) salmon, kokanee(landlocked sockeye) salmon, black drum, bonefish, snook, red(puppy)drum, blackfish, sunfish, snakehead, speckled(sea) trout/weakfish, dogfish, shiners, pompano, sea trout and surf perch).

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What is the best shrimp bait?

The bait balls can be made of just about anything a shrimp will eat. The most common bait is a mixture of powdered clay and fish meal (typically ground menhaden). Other popular baits are flour, corn meal, cat food, and chicken feed.

The Chasebaits MudBug can be fished in a number of different ways; let it sit on the bottom in a defensive position, allowing the floating claws and vibrating legs to do the work, or slow crawl or twitch it over your favorite structure and its thumping tail will imitate a fleeing crawdad.

What do pink salmon eat?

Pink salmon feed on small crustaceans, zooplankton (tiny floating animals), squid, and small fish.

How good is Kokanee salmon?

Kokanee are second only to Rainbow Trout as the most popular game fish in British Columbia! But really, what's there not to like!? They're plentiful, fun to catch and they taste exceptional! All you need to get started are some fundamental techniques and the basic understanding of a Kokanee's biology.

Do black drum eat barnacles?

The black drums eat crabs, barnacles, and shellfish. Occasionally, they eat small bait fish as well as shrimp.

What does a bonefish look like?

The color of bonefish can range from very silver sides and slight darker backs to olive green backs that blend to the silver side. Slight shading on the scales often lead to very soft subtle lines that run the flank of the fish from the gills to the tail. The bases of the pectoral fins are sometimes yellow.

Do snook eat cut bait?

Cut baits can be very effective for snook. All of the baits that they eat alive they will also eat as cut baits. At times, the lively bait is going to work much better, however, don't rule out cut bait because some very big snook are caught every year on cut bait.

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Fish Species Bass, Snapper, Bream, Flounder, Flathead, Whiting
Fishing Type Freshwater, Saltwater
Baits Material Soft Plastic
Baits Shape Sand Shrimp
Sales Option For Sale
Season Spring, Summer, Fall/Autumn
Water Levels Topwather
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